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Why a Former Freight Broker Is Making a Major Bet on Mexico

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Podcast by Bloomberg

US imports from Mexico are surging. Former President Trump’s tariffs on China, as well as the renegotiated USMCA treaty, have encouraged supply chains to move to North America. Then Covid hit, and that re-energized interest in “nearshoring” or “friendshoring” as an alternative to China. So how much further can US-Mexico trade go? What kinds of goods are being imported from Mexico? And how does the trade boom interact with Mexico’s shaky security situation? On this episode we speak with Matt Silver, the CEO and co-founder of Cargado, which is building technology to facilitate cross-border freight. Silver, a former freight broker with a long history of doing business in Mexico, talks to us about what he’s seeing on the ground, who’s investing, plus the extraordinarily complicated process of getting goods across the border.

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