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What should be your next crypto move?

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What should be your next crypto move?

Video by Kiana Danial – Invest Diva via YouTube

When my mentor Nathaniel (who is one of the smartest people I know), told me to buy bitcoin when it first came out.

Guess what I did? ????‍♀️

If you guessed that I didn’t listen, you were right.

If you haven’t been in the bitcoin universe at all, let me tell you what my life could have looked like.

Back in 2011 (13 years ago) you could buy bitcoin for about $5 a coin. So let’s just say I listened to Nathaniel, I could have bought 1,000 coins for roughly $5,000.

An investment, yes! (But it wouldn’t break the bank)

So, you may have guessed or you may be very well aware that bitcoin is worth way more than $5 a coin now.

So far in 2024, bitcoin has been above $60k!

So those same 1,000 coins had I bought them would be worth nearly $27,000,000 today. ????‍♀️

That’s kinda like bargain shoppers like me missing out on Black Friday Sales. ????️????

Of course I could be feeling a ton of FOMO…

But, I’m not really…????

Why? ????

Because you should never invest in something you don’t know much about.

It wasn’t until 2016 when a financial company in the UK asked me to do research and analysis on crypto for them, I started going down the rabbit hole, and now my crypto portfolio alone is over $1.5M. ????

However, the crypto landscape is changing so much that I can’t possibly be on top of everything at all times.

This brings us to March 23-24, 2024. ????️

While I have my personal strategy, I also know I don’t even know what I don’t know.

So, what am I doing instead? I’m tapping into my network and putting together a panel of crypto experts who are actually IN the field:

they are creating the blockchain networks

they are connecting crypto to AI

they are innovating digital assets for traditional finance

and they are using staking to generate a whole income

We’re joining forces this weekend at my annual Crypto Millionaire Secrets LIVE event to get your most pressing crypto questions answered, help you discover emerging cryptocurrencies, secure your assets and create a personal crypto strategy.

I know it can feel like it may be too late, but I have brought you experts that are going to share with you how the future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are looking brighter than ever before and how you can take advantage right now to create a portfolio that positions you at the edge of the next crypto surge.

It’s gonna be a 2-day event this weekend that you don’t wanna miss out on.

Click here to register and join me LIVE March 23rd & 24th for Crypto Millionaire Secrets????


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