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Warren Buffett: “Everyone Will Be Surprised Next Month” This Is How You Can Get Rich During 2024

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Warren Buffett:

Video by Millionaires Investment Secrets via YouTube

Before showing you the 2024 market predictions of big investment firms. Let me show you their predictions for 2023 and what really happened in stock market in 2023.
JP Morgan chase predicted S&P 500 will fall 10% to 3491, Blackrock predicted market will increase by only 2%, and Morgan Stanley predicted that market will increase only 1% and warned investors to remained cautious in building new positions. But now let me show you where market ended in 2023 and what will happen in 2024..
On December 29th S&P500 ended year with 25% return and Nasdaq with 43% return. Throwing dust on all the market predictions of these trillion dollar investment research houses.
Warren Buffett, the legendary CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and an iconic figure in the investment world, has long been admired for his savvy investment strategies and impressive track record.
As we enter 2024, once again the stock market outlook appears to be a mix of cautious optimism and measured skepticism, reflecting a range of forecasts from various financial analysts and institutions.
J. P. Morgan anticipates a more challenging environment for equity markets in 2024, with modest earnings growth and geopolitical risks potentially weighing down stocks. They estimate S&P 500 earnings growth of 2–3% and set a price target of 4,200, slightly leaning towards a downside bias.
In contrast, other major financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and BMO are more upbeat, projecting S&P 500 price targets for 2024 at around 5,100, which indicates an increase of nearly 7% from its current level. Similarly, Bank of America, RBC, and Federated Hermes analysts have set a bullish target of 5,000 for the S&P 500, based on expectations of moderating inflation and potential interest-rate cuts later in the year.

Warren Buffett: "Everyone Will Be Surprised Next Month" This Is How You Can Get Rich During 2024

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