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Uranium’s Problem, Copper’s Abundance, and Gold’s Institutional Barriers | Michael Green

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Uranium's Problem, Copper's Abundance, and Gold's Institutional Barriers | Michael Green

Video by Resource Talks via YouTube
Uranium's Problem, Copper's Abundance, and Gold's Institutional Barriers | Michael Green

Michael Green opens up about commodities, like #uranium, #gold, and #copper.

Michael told me what he likes and what he doesn’t like about the commodity thesis.

He also told me that he doesn’t believe money managers will ever go back to buying commodities the same way they did in the 1970’s.

We also talked about the impact of passive investing on the market, and how that ties into the commodities space.

According to Michael, the economy will face a recessionary "Hard Landing" in 2024, and the worsening demographics won’t help commodities’ case over the long run.

Michael’s X:

Michael Green is the Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager for Simplify Asset Management, noted for his work as a market theoretician and financial professional. Prior to his role at Simplify, he served as Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Logica Capital Advisers, LLC.

00:00 recap
01:00 important warning
01:25 what just happened in macro?
14:15 aren’t worsening demographics bullish for copper?
20:50 are there still any opportunities in commodities?
23:20 what part of the energy subset will thrive in the 2020s?
29:00 will solar & wind demand save industrial commodities?
31:10 will Wall Street be buying commodities soon?
37:30 what do professional money managers want to see?
39:00 how can institutions can exposure to uranium?
45:30 why won’t professional money managers flood the commodity market?
59:00 does Michael Green still like gold?
01:04:10 what’s the issue with commodity cycles?
01:10:30 does macro even matter still?

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