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UK Government Workers Told To “Think” Trans People Are Women

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UK Government Workers Told To "Think" Trans People Are Women
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Author: Tyler Durden

UK Government Workers Told To “Think” Trans People Are Women

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Civil servants in the UK, people working for the government, have been issued guidance that tells them they should show support to transgender identifying colleagues by “thinking of the person as being the gender that they want you to think of them as.”

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The Daily Mail reports that the Information Commissioner’s Office, which deals with data protection and privacy laws, shared a memo with staff that essentially noted just using preferred pronouns is not going far enough, and that civil servants must think of trans women as biological women.

The guidance also claims that trans women, biologically male, actually go through the menopause, and that they should never be asked what their ‘real’ or ‘birth’ name is.

Here is a screenshot of part of the memo:

The section on the menopause states that it “is a natural hormone transition that every woman and some trans men, trans women and non-binary people will experience.”

This is a further step beyond government workers previously being told they must check the preferred pronouns of their colleagues and not assume their gender.

Director of the Free Speech Union Toby Young commented “The ICO is supposed to be responsible for protecting people’s privacy. How can it be taken seriously in that role if it’s dictating to its employees what they can and can’t think?”

He continued, “This is like something out of [George Orwell’s novel] 1984, telling people they must not commit thought crime.”

Conservative Party MP Lia Nici added “Why do we need organisations like the ICO to produce guidance to tell people what they should be thinking? We already have protection for everyone in the workplace since the Equality Act was introduced in 2010.”

A statement from the ICO claimed that it is upholding a “commitment to inclusivity for employees,” and that “treating everyone with dignity, respect and compassion is fundamental to the ICO’s work to uphold and protect information rights.”

Don’t you dare engage in wrong think though!

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Tyler Durden
Mon, 01/15/2024 – 05:10

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