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Tractor Supply’s CEO on How It Escaped the Post-Pandemic Curse

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Podcast by Bloomberg

 A bunch of companies saw their share prices boom during the pandemic. Peloton surged because no one could go to gyms. Zoom jumped because no one could go to the office, and so on. Since then, many of these companies have come crashing down back down to earth. However, one pandemic winner that has yet to see its stock price mean-revert is Tractor Supply Co. Its shares have been up about 270% since their 2020 lows. The retailer has ridden a demographic and cultural shift as more Millennials move away from cities and decide to become hobby farmers growing their own chickens, vegetables, and fruit. In this episode, we speak with CEO Hal Lawton about the Tractor Supply business model, including how it’s bucked the post-pandemic pattern and what it’s doing to lock in customers for the long term.

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