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TIP597: Darwin’s Investing Lessons w/ Kyle Grieve

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Podcast by The Investor’s Podcast Network

On today’s episode, Kyle shares the lessons he learned from reading What I Learned About Investing From Darwin by Pulak Prasad. 

The book is authored by Pulak Prasad, an investor out of India who helps run Nalanda Capital. From 2007 to 2022, they compounded their capital at 19% per annum turning 1 rupee into 13.8 rupees during that time sample!! But more important than their track record is the unique ways they run their fund.

The book illuminates 3 key principles that Nalanda uses for its investing framework: 

1. Avoid big risks.

2. Buy high-quality at a fair price.

3. Don’t be lazy – be very lazy.

To help readers understand why he invests this way he dives deep into many of Darwin’s principles to help you understand their potential power in investing.


00:00 – Intro

20:26 – What a cheetah can teach you about risk

24:33 – Why you should be more focused on risk than returns

25:40 – How things in nature and investing mostly stay the same

27:42 – Some interesting data on why great companies remain great, and poor companies remain mediocre

28:29 – What a Russian scientist can teach us about the power of focusing on one investing metric to help identify wonderful businesses

34:58 – The importance of robustness in nature, and why you should search for the same attribute in business

37:00 – How to identify businesses that can evolve in a fast-changing world and remain on top

43:01 – What guppies can teach us about honest and dishonest signaling

46:06 – Why we should prioritize the past over making bold predictions

48:11 – How to invest without ever doing a discounted cash flow ever again

51:05 – What bear teeth and finches can teach us about the importance of avoiding noise

55:20 – How to use the presence of noise as an opportunity to outperform

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