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TIP553: Why Hard Assets are Positioned to Outperform w/ Tavi Costa

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Podcast by The Investor’s Podcast Network

On today’s episode, Clay Finck brings back Tavi Costa to chat about the beginning of a commodity supercycle. Tavi gives a masterclass in why we are just in the beginning phases of a bull market for gold, silver, and hard assets like commodities. 

Tavi is a partner and portfolio manager at Crescat Capital. His research has been featured in financial publications such as Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, among others.


00:00 – Intro.

03:31 – Why Tavi believes we’re just at the beginning phases of a bull market for gold, silver, and hard assets like commodities.

09:47- When the next wave of inflation may strike.

21:21 – What the 4 pillars of inflation are, and why they all point to structurally higher inflation going forward.

21:44 – Why the S&P 500’s earnings are likely to roll over and decline in the near term.

37:40 – Why yield curve inversions are bullish for gold relative to equities.

51:09 – Why foreign countries are selling US treasuries to buy gold.

83:19 – Where Tavi sees asymmetric opportunities in the gold mining industry.

83:27 – Why Tavi is bullish on Brazil and sees Brazil much differently than the other BRICS nations.

Disclaimer: Slight discrepancies in the timestamps may occur due to podcast platform differences.



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