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TikTok made me deduct it

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TikTok, and other apps like it, are filled with financial advice. Some of it is reliable, some… less so.

There are videos about running a business, having a side hustle, generating passive income. And also, there are a lot of tips and tricks, many of them questionable, about saving on your taxes.

On this show, we run some of the greatest hits of TikTok tax advice by some bonafide tax experts. We’ll talk about whether you can use gambling losses to reduce your tax bill, whether your pets qualify you for tax deductions – and we’ll fact check the claim that all rich people own expensive Mercedes G-Wagons… for tax purposes.

Along the way, we’ll drill down on the concepts like taxable income and the standard deduction. And we’ll ask why so many videos on TikTok suggest that you (fraudulently) categorize personal expenses as business expenses. Sometimes with a literal wink and a nod.

This episode was hosted by Nick Fountain. It was produced by Emma Peaslee with help from Willa Rubin, who also fact-checked this episode. It was edited by Molly Messick and engineered by Cena Loffredo. Alex Goldmark is Planet Money’s Executive Producer.

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