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This Year’s Average Tax Refund Was $3,011, According to the IRS. 3 Excellent Stocks You Can Buy for Less

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Tax refund day is the most wonderful time of the year for some. It’s not every day that cash appears in your bank account, seemingly by magic. According to the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, this year’s average refund so far has been $3,011.

I know — it’s tempting to spend that money and splurge to treat yourself. But consider this before booking that vacation you’ve been waiting for: A tax refund isn’t free money. It’s wages you’ve earned. It’s a great opportunity to put that money to work on your behalf by investing in the stock market.

A few thousand today could be tens of thousands of dollars later in your life. So, here are three excellent stocks worth buying and stashing in your portfolio. The average tax refund will buy you at least a share of each.

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