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The Real Meaning of Work-Life Balance | Brisbane Keynote 2023

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Podcast by Gary Vaynerchuk

On today’s podcast, I’m sharing a keynote that I gave in Brisbane recently as the final stop on the Mindset Matters conference tour. I had a lot of fun doing these events, and I think this final keynote was filled with a ton of super useful tips and insights that I didn’t touch on at the other stops of this Australian tour. I give my thoughts on work-life balance and what that really means. I also dive into the importance of self-awareness- so many people are doing things, and they don’t even understand the reason why. I also discuss the difference between patience and complacency. I’d love to hear your take on this episode .. let me know in the Spotify comments, on an Apple podcast review, or even just by sending me a tweet @garyvee. I hope you enjoy!

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