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The End of the Mickey Mouse Moat?

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Podcast by The Motley Fool

After 95 years of copyright protection, Steamboat Willie enters the public domain.  

(00:21) Asit Sharma and Dylan Lewis discuss:

– Why early versions of Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters are now appearing in horror slasher films.

– Tesla once again being the king of EVs, and what to make of BYD coming up on its heels.

– A digital entertainment stock to watch in 2024.

(15:47) It’s been a great run for growth stocks – and it might not be over! Deidre Woollard caught up with Motley Fool Analyst Kirsten Guerra for a look at some recent winners that could keep winning in 2024.

Companies discussed: DIS, TSLA, SONO, DUOL

Catch the original Steamboat Willie cartoon, in all its public domain glory here.

Host: Dylan Lewis

Guests: Asit Sharma, Deidre Woollard, Kirsten Guerra

Engineers: Dan Boyd

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