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The Dividend Returns

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Podcast by The Motley Fool

For decades, dividends have been out of style. History suggests that may soon change.

Daniel Peris is a trained historian, a portfolio manager, and the author of many investing books, including his latest, “The Ownership Dividend.” Deidre Woollard caught up with Peris to talk about why he believes we’re about to witness a resurgence of dividend investing. They also discuss:

The coming return of the “cash nexus.”

Semantics, and how academic finance differs from a real-world balance sheet.

Why free cash flow is king. 

Host: Deidre Woollard

Guest: Daniel Peris

Producers: Mary Long, Ricky Mulvey

Engineers: Chace Pryzlepa, Tim Sparks

Companies discussed: META, CRM, BA, FHI

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