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The Chip Biz: Taiwan and Intel

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Podcast by The Motley Fool

The chip industry is center stage this week – Intel’s foundry losses now might prove negligible as the world looks to diversify beyond Taiwan. 

(00:21) Asit Sharma and Dylan Lewis discuss:

– The 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Taiwan affecting TSMC and highlighting global dependence on the region for chipmaking.

– Our first look into Intel’s foundry business, and why we’ll probably see more pushes into manufacturing.

– Bob Iger and Disney’s board victory, and where the company should be focused now.

(14:36) An overlooked benefit of AI? Weather prediction. Ricky Mulvey caught up with Spire Global CEO Peter Platzer to discuss the company’s partnership with Nvidia and unique uses for space satellite data.

Companies discussed: TSMC, INTC, DIS, SPIR, NVDA, CAT

Host: Dylan Lewis

Guests: Asit Sharma, Peter Platzer, Ricky Mulvey

Producer: Mary Long

Engineers: Dan Boyd, Tim Sparks

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