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Tesla FSD v12.3 – First Impressions! (Ep. 755)

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Tesla FSD v12.3 - First Impressions!  (Ep. 755)

Video by Dave Lee via YouTube

This morning, I received Tesla’s FSD v12.3 software update in my car. If looking for just my impressions, skip to 1:16:45 timestamp.

1. Overall, I’m super impressed. Ride quality is much more human-like than v11 with acceleration, braking and turning all much improved.
2. Smart decisions – overall, v12.3 made better and smarter decisions in challenging situations than v11. Several places where I know v11 would have difficulty, v12.3 handled with ease.
3. v12.3 handled speed bumps perfectly.
4. Many of my rides today were flawless and exactly how a human would drive. v11 has a rigidity that is gone with v12.3.

Overall, I’m quite blown away by v12.3. I was expecting a version that was comparable to v11 – better in some ways and worse in other ways. But what I’ve experienced (so far) is a system that feels much more confident and capable than v11. v12.3 is far from perfect and there’s still a lot of work ahead for Tesla’s FSD team but the end-to-end neural net approach looks like it’s clearly the right approach.

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