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Shorting Uranium, Lending Pounds, and Time Issues | John Ciampaglia Inteview

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Shorting Uranium, Lending Pounds, and Time Issues | John Ciampaglia Inteview

Video by Resource Talks via YouTube

In this interview I sat down with, John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, and we talked about shorting uranium, lending pounds, and time issues.

More specifically, we talked about the fluctuations in uranium prices, the performance of other funds, and the potential for a new fund or adding more UF6 and EUP to their portfolio.

We also touched upon the dynamics of the uranium market, the challenges in the industry, and strategies to overcome these challenges, including raising awareness about uranium and attracting more institutional investors.

Additionally, we discussed the role of sentiment in the market, and the importance of long-term fundamentals, diversification, and careful management of investment portfolios due to potential risks.

Lastly, John also explained to me the rising prices of conversion, particularly for uranium, and its impact on utilities, and the increasing pace of contracting cycles.

00:00 recap
01:32 why is the uranium price pulling back?
06:32 how much uranium does Sprott owns?
15:08 why are they purchasing uranium right now?
24:01 is Sprott still buying uranium on the spot market?
26:20 how are they managing risks?
29:29 will Sprott secure uranium like France does?
33:24 have Sprott be doing institutional swaps?
35:19 would Sprott lend physical uranium to institutionals?
37:30 does Sprott feel any competition in the spot market?
44:45 does the inability to enrich uranium affect contracting?
47:53 is Sprott purchasing UF6 or considering a new fund for it?
49:08 when will US utilities become more active in the uranium market?
51:11 is Sprott still pursuing a redemption mechanism?
53:23 why aren’t Sprott’s other physical funds at premium to NAV like in 2011?
58:10 which one of Sprott’s physical funds demands the most of John’s time?
01:00:33 which of Sprott’s ETF is receiving the most money inflow?
01:04:54 are institutional investors investing in the junior uranium miners?
01:09:20 how do you investing models when there’s a capital constraint?
01:11:46 does Sprott borrows shares from URNM or URNJ?
01:19:59 contact details

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