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Rick Rule’s Warrants, Gold M&A, and a Private Placement | Junior Mining Talks

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Rick Rule's Warrants, Gold M&A, and a Private Placement | Junior Mining Talks

Video by Resource Talks via YouTube

Junior Mining Talks is a new show that (we hope) will be published every Monday. In every episode, you can find a weekly overview of the most interesting and important news in the junior mining market. I’ll do this with Luc ten Have from @GoldDiscovery1 , along with a relevant guest.

Luc has been a resource investor for over 10 years now. He developed a tool for junior mining stocks at to make his life easier in his due diligence analysis.

We might be doing a Q&A section in future videos as well, so feel free to leave a comment below and we might answer that in the next episode.

More specifically, in this episode of Junior Mining Talks, we discuss Rick Rule’s Warrants, Gold M&A, and a Private Placement.

Luc and I also talk about 4 stocks that were interesting this week:

1. Kingfisher Metals
2. Awalé Resources
3. McEwen Mining
4. Showcase Minerals

After the market overview, we talked with Rick Rule about private placements and his view on warrants. He also told us why gold stocks are not undervalued.

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Let Rick Rule rank your portfolio:

00:00 Intro
01:33 Important Warning
02:45 Market Overview
04:38 Why is Kingfisher Metals still down?
12:33 Why did Awalé Resources do a ‘bought deal’ private placement?
27:38 Why is McEwen Mining acquiring Timberline Resources?
31:36 Why was Showcase Minerals up?
42:53 Rick Rule’s view on private placements
57:14 Can a good discovery result in a private placement without a warrant?
59:33 Is dilution the main problem?
01:05:43 Why aren’t my gold stocks profitable when gold prices rise?
01:08:12 Are gold miners undervalued relative to the gold price?
01:12:39 How does Rick Rule screen mining companies?
01:16:10 Does Rick Rule often buy in the open market?
01:23:14 Rule Symposium July 2024

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