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Reminder: The Chip Biz is Cyclical

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Podcast by The Motley Fool

The boom is on for chip buyers and sellers, but demand is lighter further up the supply chain. And United results showing the skies look friendly for airline stocks. 

(00:21) Tim Beyers and Dylan Lewis discuss:

– Why ASML’s earnings show a slowdown in investment in chip manufacturing.

– United Airlines’ strong quarterly results, and how the airline is handling fleet issues caused by Boeing.

– What to watch from enterprise software companies as they report later in earnings season.

(15:19) Deidre Woollard chats up with Steven Jacobs, the president of online commercial real estate exchange Ten-X, about who is actually buying office buildings right now?

Companies discussed: ASML, UAL, BA

Host: Dylan Lewis

Guests: Tim Beyers, Deidre Woollard, Steven Jacobs

Engineers: Dan Boyd

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