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Quit Looking for a Shortcut!

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Podcast by Ramsey Network

Dave Ramsey & Ken Coleman answer your questions and discuss:

  • “My mentor is mad that I didn’t invest with him,”
  • “What’s the best way to pay off my debt?”
  • “Should I pay off my house with my IRA?”
  • “Should we move closer to my work?”
  • “How do I ask for a raise increase?”
  • “I feel stuck in my job,”
  • “Can I buy a house without credit or in cash?”
  • “Should I sell my real estate investments?”
  • “We’re upside down on our cars,”
  • “Should I change careers?”
  • “How do I talk to my foster son about money?”
  • “Should I roll over my IRA?”
  • “Should I look for a new job?”
  • “How do I negotiate my work compensation?”

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