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Ok, Cloud

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Podcast by The Motley Fool

Google is the latest tech company to host a conference full of AI pronouncements.

(00:21) Asit Sharma and Deidre Woollard discuss:

– Why the market is smiling on Alphabet lately.

– How Google’s announcements show the company’s AI ambitions.

– What Blackstone might buy next.

(17:26) Robert Brokamp interviews Steve Chen, the CEO of NewRetirement, on what savers often miss about retirement.

Companies discussed: GOOG, GOOGL, BX, MSFT, AZMN

Host: Deidre Woollard

Guests: Asit Sharma, Robert Brokamp

Producers: Ricky Mulvey, Mary Long

Engineers: Ricky Mulvey, Dan Boyd

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