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Nvidia stock crashing – what should newbie investors do?

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Nvidia stock crashing - what should newbie investors do?

Video by Kiana Danial – Invest Diva via YouTube

This is why you need to allocate your portfolio based on your risk tolerance and financial goals, instead of blindly investing in an index fund.

Nvidia stock is finally crashing…

But what index fund gurus don’t tell you is that the majority of the rest of the market had already crashed…

If you hadn’t properly allocated your portfolio before, you might have been under the impression that the markets were at all-time highs—when they weren’t.

All this time, when most people weren’t investing, thinking the markets were at all-time highs, they could have been taking advantage of other value stocks that weren’t as hyped up and were undervalued.

This is what we’ve been doing for the past two years, while most people have been sitting on the sidelines.

Investing is not one-size-fits-all.
Personal finance is personal.
And it’s easy enough for anyone to implement.

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