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Now Is The Time To Turn Your Financial Ship Around

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Podcast by Ramsey Network

Dave Ramsey & George Kamel answer your questions and discuss:

  • “My husband’s crazy ex-wife is trying to steal our money,”
  • “How do I budget and build wealth?”
  • “Should we take out a HELOC to buy a vacation home?”
  • “Does this pass the ‘burn on the floor’ test?”
  • “Can I invest while saving my emergency fund?”
  • “I’m 63 and don’t know how to retire,”
  • “Should we cash out a whole-life policy?”
  • “Pay off debt or keep saving for school?”
  • “Should I invest or save for home repairs?”
  • “Should we cash out my wife’s retirement?”
  • “My husband’s side hustle doesn’t make money,”
  • “I’m $45,000 in debt, what can I do?”

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