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Now Is The Perfect Time Start Investing $100 Every Week To Become a Millionaire In Just 4 Years

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Now Is The Perfect Time Start Investing 0 Every Week To Become a Millionaire In Just 4 Years

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Now Is The Perfect Time Start Investing 0 Every Week To Become a Millionaire In Just 4 Years

Cathie Wood, the visionary founder and CEO of Ark Invest, is a fervent advocate for disruption in the financial world. She laments the current state of the Nasdaq, once celebrated as the epicenter of innovation, and believes it has lost some of its disruptive edge. Wood attributes this shift to the aftermath of the late ’90s tech and telecom bubble, which has made major indices increasingly risk-averse.
In recent years, Cathie Wood has been vocal in her criticism of the Nasdaq, emphasizing how it no longer embodies the disruptive force it was envisioned to be. Her perspective stems from the changing dynamics within the stock market. Wood points out that the Nasdaq and S&P 500 are becoming more alike in their composition, characterized by the inclusion of large-cap tech giants like the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google), which she sees as being less disruptive.
Ark Invest, under Wood’s guidance, positions itself as a home for pure-play and broad disruptors. Their investment philosophy revolves around identifying companies at the forefront of innovation and disruption, rather than adhering to traditional benchmarks or conventional investment norms.
Wood draws a stark contrast between the past and the present, particularly highlighting the golden era of the Nasdaq during the ’80s and ’90s. This was a time of genuine innovation when the stock market was flooded with groundbreaking technologies and companies that reshaped entire industries. The birth of the internet, the dot-com boom, and the rapid evolution of telecommunications were all hallmarks of this era.

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