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Not-So-Secret Weapon | InvestED Podcast | #464

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Not-So-Secret Weapon | InvestED Podcast | #464

Video by Rule #1 Investing via YouTube

A crystal ball would be the ultimate tool for any investor, but given that we’re not living in a fantasy world, how do top investors prepare for an uncertain future?

With the inevitability of market downturns, finding a balance between generating returns and being ready to strike when the iron is hot can be a tricky position to navigate. Discovering that equilibrium, along with the patience to hold on through the ups and downs once you’ve bought into a great company, can be what makes or breaks a portfolio in the long run.

On this week’s episode, the deep analysis of the 2023 Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letter continues as Phil and Danielle wring every ounce of wisdom from Buffett’s annual communication.


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