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Michael Burry: “2008 Crash Made Me Billionaire Now I’m Buying 2 AI Stocks To Make Millions In 2024”

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Michael Burry:

Video by Millionaires Investment Secrets via YouTube

In the realm of finance, few names spark as much intrigue and respect as Michael Burry. A figure immortalized by Christian Bale in "The Big Short," Burry’s foresight into the 2008 housing market collapse not only marked him as a visionary but also changed the way many perceived investment strategies. Fast forward to early 2024, and Burry’s investment maneuvers are once again under the microscope. This time, however, his approach diverges from the unconventional tactics that once defined him. At the helm of Scion Asset Management, based in Saratoga, California, Burry is navigating the waters of Wall Street with a renewed focus, turning his gaze towards established stocks and stepping away from the non-productive put options that previously dotted his portfolio.
What makes Burry’s current strategy especially compelling is not just the shift from his erstwhile speculative plays but the broader context in which this move occurs. Amid fluctuating markets and economic uncertainty, his pivot reflects a deeper analysis of resilience and growth potential in the face of adversity. With 10% of his portfolio dedicated to just two stocks, Burry’s selections speak volumes about his confidence in these entities’ ability to not just survive but thrive. This strategic allocation hints at underlying strengths or opportunities he sees, akin to his earlier bet against the housing market, yet distinctly different in nature and implication.

Michael Burry: "2008 Crash Made Me Billionaire Now I’m Buying 2 AI Stocks To Make Millions In 2024"

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