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Lobo Tiggre’s Favorite Stocks & How He Picks Them (PART 3)

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Lobo Tiggre's Favorite Stocks & How He Picks Them (PART 3)

Video by Resource Talks via YouTube
Lobo Tiggre's Favorite Stocks & How He Picks Them (PART 3)

How to pick commodity stocks? Lobo Tiggre explains how he does it, using the Lassonde Curve.

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In this interview, mining analyst Lobo Tiggre helps me figure out how mining stocks work and how to analyze resource companies. More specifically, in this part, we focused on the Pre-Production Sweet Spot, which Lobo says is capable of consistently providing good returns to investors and speculators in mining stocks.

Are you interested in the world of commodity stocks and want to learn how to pick the best ones? Join us for an enlightening interview with renowned mining analyst Lobo Tiggre as he shares his expert insights on the art of selecting commodity stocks.

In this insightful conversation, Lobo Tiggre dives deep into the intricacies of mining stocks, helping you understand the fundamentals and strategies for analyzing resource companies. In this particular segment, we zoom in on exploration and discovery stocks, uncovering valuable tips and techniques that can supercharge your investment portfolio.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking to refine your stock-picking skills or a newcomer seeking guidance in the complex world of commodities, this interview is a must-watch. It doesn’t matter if you’re into #goldstocks or #silverstocks or #uraniumstocks or even #copperstocks this will be helpful.

00:00 important warning
01:00 what is Lobo Tiggre’s strategy?
12:10 why is Lobo even sharing this strategy if it’s that good?
17:45 why do I even need anything else but this strategy?
24:45 why didn’t anybody coin this strategy before Lobo?
30:50 what are the drawbacks/risks of this strategy?
37:25 why aren’t Lobo’s real-life returns as good as the study shows?
39:30 is a takeover a disatvantageous situation?
44:50 what do I do if my company gets taken over?
47:55 do you have to keep track of the mine development process?
53:55 which stocks perform the best?
01:02:25 do valuations matter?
01:07:30 does it work for uranium stocks?
01:16:30 is EV/NPV the only valuation metric?
01:22:50 when do I sell?
01:28:40 when do I buy?
01:35:10 where do I read more?

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