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James Henry Anderson: Gold Facing Tectonic Shift, US$2,400 Will Look Cheap

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James Henry Anderson: Gold Facing Tectonic Shift, US,400 Will Look Cheap

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James Henry Anderson of @sdbullion shares his thoughts on gold and silver, including what factors are moving the metals right now and where they could go in 2024. In his view, the precious metals sector is undergoing a tectonic shift with far-reaching impacts.

"Ultimately I think US$2,400 (per ounce) is going to be looked back in time as being cheap," he said.

This interview was filmed on April 17, 2024.

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0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Gold’s underlying price drivers
2:52 – Geopolitics, de-dollarization, Fed
7:24 – How high can gold go in 2024?
12:02 – Is silver ready to follow gold?
15:46 – Gold and silver buying trends
19:56 – Best value for physical metal
23:55 – Gold vs. gold-mining stocks
29:27 – Can anything stop gold?
31:29 – Outro


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