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Investor Education: Gold vs. US Dollar Outlook with Expert Don Hansen

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Investor Education: Gold vs. US Dollar Outlook with Expert Don Hansen

Video by Investing News via YouTube

Private investor Don Hansen, who has been investing in the resource sector for over 20 years, shares his latest research. He discusses the US dollar’s rise and fall as the world’s reserve currency, as well as how China is shifting away from the dollar and toward gold.

Hansen also goes over data on the inverse relationship between the gold price and the S&P 500, explaining how decades-long patterns show where both are heading.

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This interview was filmed on March 4, 2024.

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0:00 – Intro
0:44 – How US dollar became reserve currency
3:37 – Decline of US dollar as reserve currency
8:56 – China’s de-dollarization and shift to gold
14:12 – Gold price vs. S&P 500
20:17 – Gold supply vs. demand
25:18 – Final thoughts from Don
31:18 – Outro


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