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How to Get an Off-Market Seller on YOUR Side (+Most Common Objections) W/DealMachine

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Want to take down off-market real estate deals? You know, the properties you can get at the lowest prices and make a significant profit on? If so, you must know how to talk to off-market sellers. But, before you take your next seller phone call, you better be prepared to get hit with any of these nine common seller objections. And if you’ve been in real estate for a while, many of these sound familiar. But today, our friends at DealMachine will show you how to handle them like a pro.

“I need to talk to my spouse.” “I need to think about it.” “My house is worth more!” These are just a few common real estate objections you may have heard before. So, how do you turn a standoffish seller into a motivated one? Jennie Hudspeth, sales trainer for top homebuying companies, is on to give her time-tested, expert knowledge on disarming even the most frustrated sellers so you can get on equal footing and make an off-market deal actually happen!

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In This Episode We Cover:

How to handle the top nine real estate objections you’ll hear from off-market sellers 

The three things that will make an owner unsure about selling (and how to address them)

The common “smokescreen” objections and how to bring back a seller’s confidence in you

What to do when an off-market seller is fixated on an on-market sales price 

Not wasting sellers’ time and ensuring they are in the position to sell their home

Why should you NEVER say, “Can I be honest with you?” and what you should say instead 

And So Much More!

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