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How 1 Moment of Fearlessness Can Change Your Life

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Podcast by Gary Vaynerchuk

Sometimes it’s the split-second decisions that can be a massive turning point in your career. All you need to do is lean into being uncomfortable. On today’s episode of Podcast With Friends, I sit down with Artlanta, Greg Yuna, and Samah Dada. Never be afraid to take a chance on yourself… Even if that means sneaking into Drake’s birthday party! Enjoy!


  1. Personal Anecdotes and Experiences
  2. Career Journeys and Achievements
  3. Cultural and Immigrant Backgrounds
  4. Food and Cooking
  5. Art and Design
  6. Media and Public Perception
  7. Personal Development and Goals
  8. Cultural Commentary and Observations
  9. Networking and Social Dynamics
  10. Immigrant Experiences and Adaptation

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