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Google fires protestors, NPR chaos, Humane’s AI Pin, Startup tax crisis, sports betting scandal

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Podcast by All-In Podcast, LLC

(0:00) Bestie Intros: Chamath recaps the Breakthrough Prize Ceremony, “High IQ foods”

(9:49) All-In Summit update, Poker styles of Andrew Robl, Jason Koon, and Phil Hellmuth  

(14:38) Google fires protestors

(35:08) Chaos and culture wars at NPR

(40:43) Humane’s AI Pin: Marques Brownlee’s review, the Ex-Apple issue, polarizing reactions

(1:02:28) Startup tax crisis: How a recent provision upended R&D deductions

(1:12:39) Sports betting scandal: NBA player Jontay Porter banned for life, explosion of sports betting in the US

(1:23:33) How to get better at chess, childhood Bestie schemes

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