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Gold-Backed Currency, Painful Recession, and Bad Times for Commodities | Danielle DiMartino Booth

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Gold-Backed Currency, Painful Recession, and Bad Times for Commodities | Danielle DiMartino Booth

Video by Resource Talks via YouTube

This is an interview with Danielle DiMartino Booth, in which she talks about the potential for a gold-backed currency to be introduced into the global financial system, the current painful recession that the world is going through, and the hard times that lie ahead for the entire commodity complex.

Overall, Danielle is concerned about the future of the stock market, and the US economy. She’s not worried about "what if Powell doesn’t cut 3 times", she’s worried about what happens "if rates don’t go back to 0". She also told me that she doesn’t think we get to QE unless there is a black swan event in the financial markets.

DiMartino Booth also mentioned that while she loves her gold and she already has plenty of it in her portfolio, she does not want to see a gold-backed currency over the short run, because that would mean World War 3, in her opinion.

So, which commodities are set to outperform in 2024? Not unlike Rick Rule or Lobo Tiggre, Danielle believes that " #uranium is on fire ".

Although the current global recession is expected to be very hard on all commodities, Danielle does believe that after the everything bubble has burst, commodities will have their time in the sun.

00:00 recap
01:10 are we getting 7 rate cuts this year?
05:00 what happens if rates don’t go to 0?
07:05 what companies should I avoid in this environment?
08:05 will QE & BTFP save the market?
10:20 when do we go back to QE?
12:45 did the reverse repo kill the "higher for longer" narrative?
15:42 what are the lowest comfortable levels of reserves?
16:45 the FED is insolvent, does that matter?
19:10 can we see QE & higher rates at the same time?
22:30 does the FED want to be the central bank of the world?
24:00 is the USD really dying or is it just entering puberty?
27:00 are we going to see a gold-backed currency without WW3?
29:20 is Danielle buying more gold right now?
31:45 will commodities suffer during the current recession?
36:45 can supply chain issues save commodities from suffering?
40:10 has Danielle looked into uranium yet?
43:30 does Danielle like Japan?
45:20 where will Danielle hide her money during the recession?
47:36 how can we have a recession with $2T of helicopter money?
52:10 contact

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