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Global Depression by 2025, Commodity Crash, and CBDCs | Simon Hunt Interview

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Global Depression by 2025, Commodity Crash, and CBDCs | Simon Hunt Interview

Video by Resource Talks via YouTube

CBDC’s, a Global Depression by 2030, and No Bull Market for Commodities – in this interview with Simon Hunt… still not the most bullish person out there.

Simon Hunt is a copper expert and market analyst who wrights reports for Simon Hunt Strategic Services –

More specifically, in this interview, we discussed the high costs of credit and reliance on part-time jobs plaguing small businesses, as well as the inaccuracy of official inflation figures.

Simon also told me that there is a likelihood of a recession, or in his own words: "a rolling recession until 2030." However, he told me to forget about rising commodity prices.

We also talked about the unsustainable debt levels in Western nations, the adverse effects of migration, and the need for policy changes to restore fiscal discipline.

00:00 Recap
00:58 Intro
01:58 Why is no crash yet?
11:20 Why is Simon still not bullish?
13:19 Everything is up, how is the market missing the crash?
22:40 When will the whole economic system change?
24:25 Does the economy influence US elections?
26:03 Is deficit spending influenced by war?
27:16 What does a recession look like?
28:28 How do you come out of a recession?
30:17 Is there a chance there won’t be an election?
32:06 How to get the US on the right fiscal path?
34:19 What is Simon’s view on migration?
38:22 How can there be a recession when the official numbers say otherwise?
46:28 What is Simon’s forecast for commodities?
53:25 How do you handle commodity price fluctuations?
57:46 What’s the correlation between the gold price and inflation?
01:01:59 Is deficit spending positive for the gold price?
01:05:57 What’s Simon’s view on uranium right now?
01:08:13 What does he think about coal?
01:09:29 Is Simon long in lithium?
01:10:21 Is it now the time to invest in rare earths?
01:11:37 Contact details

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