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EVs and Inside Elon Musk’s Mind

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Podcast by The Motley Fool

BYD is on Tesla’s heels, but we all know Elon Musk loves a challenge. 

(00:21) Ron Gross and Bill Mann discuss: – The jobs report, and why they’re paying attention to mortgage rates, credit card delinquencies and inventory levels heading into earnings season. – Meta’s plans to offer a monthly subscription to users in the EU. – Cyberattacks hitting Clorox, MGM, and Caesar’s. – China’s BYD heating up the race in EVs.

(19:11) Elon Musk’s biographer Walter Isaacson explains Musk’s fascination with X and how his fixation on mission fuels his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. .

(33:00) Bill and Matt break down two stocks on their radar: Chevron and Burford Capital.

Stocks discussed: META, CLX, MGM, CZR, TSLA, KVUE, ASR

Host: Dylan Lewis Guests: Bill Mann, Ron Gross, Ricky Mulvey, Walter Isaacson Engineers: Dan Boyd 

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