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Economic Disconnects | ITK with Cathie Wood

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Economic Disconnects | ITK with Cathie Wood

Video by ARK Invest via YouTube
Economic Disconnects | ITK with Cathie Wood

On episode XLVIII of "In the Know," (October 6, 2023) ARK CEO/CIO, Cathie Wood, weighs in on inflation, interest rates, GDP vs. GDI growth, and why we believe we’re in a rolling recession. This month we’re also responding to a few requests by supplementing this episode with charts and data to help illustrate ARK’s perspective on and outlook for the global economy.

As always, Cathie discusses fiscal policy, monetary policy, market signals, economic indicators, and innovation. We hope you find this monthly series useful, especially during periods of heightened volatility. Stay Healthy. Stay Innovative.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:47 Cathie Intro
00:21:33 Fiscal Policy
00:21:35 US Federal Budget Deficit or Surplus as a Percent of Nominal GDP
00:24:14 Monetary Policy
00:24:19 Money Supply (M2) Growth Percent Change Year-over-Year
00:26:09 10 Year US Treasury Yield
00:32:26 2s-10s Yield Curve Spread
00:34:13 USD Index (DXY)
00:37:17 Economic Indicators
00:37:22 Spot WTI Crude Oil
00:40:36 Crude Oil Price vs. Gasoline Futures Price
00:42:38 Gold Price
00:43:41 Gold Price 5-Year
00:44:19 Copper Futures Price
00:45:10 Copper Futures Price 5-Year
00:46:00 Credit Default Swaps Markit CDX

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