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E160: 2024 Predictions! Markets, tech, politics, and more

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Podcast by Jason Calacanis

(0:00) Bestie intros! Pasty Preppers

(4:17) 2024’s Biggest Political Winner

(13:37) 2024’s Biggest Political Loser

(19:41) 2024’s Biggest Business Winner

(32:08) 2024’s Biggest Business Loser

(37:31) 2024’s Biggest Business Deal

(41:15) 2024’s Most Contrarian Belief

(51:18) 2024’s Best-Performing Asset

(56:46) 2024’s Worst-Performing Asset

(1:06:14) 2024’s Most Anticipated Trend

(1:12:28) 2024’s Most Anticipated Media

(1:22:28) Emotional condition heading into 2024

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