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Cyclical Seesaw & Teslanomics | ITK with Cathie Wood

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Cyclical Seesaw & Teslanomics | ITK with Cathie Wood

Video by ARK Invest via YouTube

On episode LIV of "In the Know," (April 5, 2024) ARK CEO/CIO, Cathie Wood, alongside ARK Director of Investment Analysis & Institutional Strategies, Tasha Keeney, and ARK Director of Research, Autonomous Tech & Robotics, Sam Korus, discuss recent Tesla economic developments as well as weigh in on the federal budget deficit, M2 money supply, employment growth, and more.

This month we’re again responding to a few requests by supplementing this episode with charts and data to help illustrate ARK’s perspective on and outlook for the global economy.

As always, Cathie discusses fiscal policy, monetary policy, market signals, economic indicators, and innovation. We hope you find this monthly series useful, especially during periods of heightened volatility. Stay Healthy. Stay Innovative.

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:25 Teslanomics
0:23:46 Fiscal Policy
0:23:49 Federal Budget Deficit Or Surplus Percent Of Nominal GDP
0:29:11 Net Interest Spend – Percent Of GDP (CBO Forecast)
0:31:02 Monetary Policy
0:31:10 M2 Money Supply vs. Inflation
0:36:25 1-Year Ahead Inflation Expectations University Of Michigan vs. NY Fed
0:38:33 Yield Curve 10 Year Treasury Yield Minus 2 Year
0:42:35 Real Federal Funds Target Rate
0:43:38 Global Policy Rates Are Declining
0:46:56 Economic Indicators
0:47:01 Real GDP vs. Real GDI
0:48:31 Purchasing Managers Index Manufacturing and Services Activity
0:49:39 Nonfarm vs. Household Employment Growth
0:51:49 Temporary Help Employment vs. Total Employment
0:52:13 US Consumer Sentiment By Household Income
0:53:13 US Small Business Optimism Index
0:54:15 US Existing Home Sales (SAAR)
0:56:07 US New One Family Houses Sold (SAAR)
0:57:01 New Homes Sold Median Sales Price
0:57:57 Existing Home Prices Median Price, Year-Over-Year Percent Change
0:58:02 US Auto Sales (SAAR)
0:59:45 Computer and Technology Production
1:03:36 S&P 500 Index
1:04:13 Market Signals
1:04:22 USD Index
1:05:04 Egyptian Pound And Nigerian Naira Spot Rates To USD
1:06:58 China Renminbi Per USD
1:09:23 Bloomberg Commodity Index
1:10:31 Metals/Gold Ratio vs. US 10 Year Treasury
1:12:41 Investment Grade And High Yield Index Credit Default Swaps
1:14:55 Outro

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