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Craig Hemke: Gold’s Next Price Target, Key Silver Factors to Watch

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Craig Hemke: Gold's Next Price Target, Key Silver Factors to Watch

Video by Investing News via YouTube

Craig Hemke of @TFMetalsReport shares his thoughts on what’s behind gold’s big price rise and what could be next. While many factors at play, he emphasized the importance of preparing for the inevitable collapse of the current debt-based system.

"You reach a terminal phase, and I think we’re finally now getting there, where the debt is growing exponentially and so quickly that the amount of new fiat money creation even just to service the debt — it all just begins to spin tighter and tighter and out of control," he said. "Your protection against that sort of collapse has always been the ownership of physical gold and physical silver too."

This interview was filmed on April 23, 2024.

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Background
3:49 – What triggered gold’s rise?
7:11 – Gold price drivers to watch
10:58 – Russia and de-dollarization
16:03 – Next price target for gold
17:43 – When will gold stocks move?
20:59 – Silver breakout catalysts
25:40 – Debt-based system collapse
28:41 – Final thoughts from Craig
31:02 – Outro


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