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Congress Kicks the Can Down the Road (again)

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Congress Kicks the Can Down the Road (again)

Video by The Real Investment Show via YouTube
Congress Kicks the Can Down the Road (again)

(10/2/23) Free the Pumpkins, it’s October 2nd! Student Loan payments resume, and markets prepare for another earnings season. Expectations have declined, and markets are setting up for a technical rally into 2024. Market futures are flat following the aversion of government shutdown with (another) continued resolution. Why CR’s are not good for the economy; mandatory spending explained (it’s 2% of GDP). Mandatory Spending = 113% of revenue collected: More debt required each time. There’s no good reason/excuse for operating without a budget. A history of government shutdowns & why a long government shut down might not be a bad thing. The issues of "direness" is for media’s benefit. Lance’s liberal cousin, Duane, comes to call: Utah, Beer, & BBQ; The Roberts’ rental home; Target leaving New York City; Black Rifle Coffee Company: Duane goes to TSA "Special Line." Market Preview: 1st day of the new quarter; market volatility no surprise; end-of-year dynamics & Santa Claus rallies; is the Fed done? (Yes, but not saying so). Interest rates remain key conundrum for markets.

2:56 – Earnings Expectations Decline as Reporting Season Begins
14:19 – Crisis Averted? Mandatory Spending = 113% of Revenue
30:07 – A Visit from Lance’s Liberal Cousin, Duane
44:15 – Black Rifle Coffee Co & The Special Line at TSA
46:59 – End-of-Year Dynamics & Santa Claus Rallies

Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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