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Case Study 投資案例:Love, Bonito

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Case Study 投資案例:Love, Bonito

Video by Invest Hong Kong via YouTube
Case Study 投資案例:Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito embarked on its journey when its co-founders started selling their pre-loved apparel in the mid-2000s. Driven by a genuine passion for empowering Asian women with thoughtfully designed, well-fitted clothing that caters to various life stages, they officially established Love, Bonito in 2010 with its headquarters in Singapore.

在2000年代中期,Love, Bonito的多名創辦人售賣她們昔日心愛的衣服,由此便踏上了創業之路。她們希望為亞洲女性提供設計精美、合身而且能迎合她們不同人生階段的服飾,在這股熱誠驅使下,她們於2010年正式成立了總部設於新加坡的Love, Bonito品牌。
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