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BTC150: Solving the Oracle Problem w/ Daniel Hinton & Steve Jeffress (Bitcoin Podcast)

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Podcast by The Investor’s Podcast Network

On today’s conversation with Daniel Hinton and Steve Jeffress, they talk about the idea of financial oracles and how the price of Bitcoin in US dollar terms is passively showing up in the data of the Bitcoin blockchain.


00:00 – Intro

01:39 – What is an Oracle and what is it needed for?

06:42 – What is a UTXO?

08:29 – What price information was discovered in the Bitcoin blockchain?

10:17 – How was it found?

10:17 – What are some other interesting things that have been found in the “heat-maps” of the data?

31:32 – How could this discovery be used in the future?

32:54 – Can you see the Hodl-waves in the data?

47:34 – What are some of the more important things to focus on in Bitcoin?



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