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Brevan Howard’s Top Economist Sees Three Huge Macro Turning Points Under Way

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Podcast by Bloomberg

Right now, there’s a lot of hope and optimism that the US economy is on a path towards a soft landing. Nonetheless, there are aspects of the current landscape that are unsettling. Inflation has come down, but there’s significant debate as to why and how sustainable that move is. Geopolitics is another source of concern, given multiple ongoing conflicts. According to Jason Cummins, the chief economist and head of research at macro hedge fund Brevan Howard, we’re currently seeing the demise of three different eras: the end of secular stagnation, the end of China’s “get rich it all costs” era, and the end of “the end of history,” as liberal democracy clashes with other competing frameworks. On this episode of the podcast, we talk about how these ideas are applied practically, in terms of trades, and also why he believes that recession is coming to the US economy in 2024.

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