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Are You Ready to Find Freedom With Your Money For The First Time?

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Podcast by Ramsey Network

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Dr. John Delony & Rachel Cruze answer your questions and discuss:

  • “Should we keep investing while paying off debt?”
  • “How can I convince my partner to marry me?”
  • “I’m upside down on my car,”
  • “My husband wants to give his son a house against my wishes…”
  • “My husband loves your show but won’t slow down and take one step at a time – how do I get him to slow down?”
  • How to know if you have too much life insurance and what it looks like to become self-insured
  • “Our neighbors yell at us for parking on the street – are we making an emotional decision by selling our house?”
  • “My son was making payments to me for a car he totaled – how can I let this be a lesson without it being a burden?”
  • “My mom changed her will but it will leave my sister homeless and I don’t know what to do about it”

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