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944: Zach Weinersmith | Out-of-This-World Hurdles to Colonizing Mars

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What hurdles must humanity face before it can inhabit the final frontier? A City on Mars co-author Zach Weinersmith is here to ground us with the facts.

What We Discuss with Zach Weinersmith:

  • How tethered to reality are Elon Musk’s grand plans for the human colonization of Mars? Shouldn’t we focus on ensuring the sustainability of our current world before investing in centuries-long efforts to squeeze life out of a dead planet?
  • With current technology, how well can human bodies be protected against prolonged exposure to radiation, extreme temperature fluctuation, and lesser gravity on the Red Planet and the Lunar surface?
  • The economics of farming, mining, and extracting resources in space.
  • The political, legal, and ethical considerations of space colonization.
  • If now’s not the most prudent time to hurl our species into the cold, uncaring void, then when?
  • And much more…

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