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943: BiggerNews: Can’t Qualify for Another Mortgage? Try THESE Investor Loans w/Jeff Welgan

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Want to scale your real estate portfolio faster? These investment property loans can help. Most real estate investors get stuck early on in their journey. They buy some properties and build up some comfortable cash flow, but then…they can’t qualify for another loan. They’ve either reached the maximum limit on conventional mortgages OR don’t have enough income to qualify for bigger and better investments. So what do they do? Give up? Settle with a small rental portfolio? No, they use THESE investment property loans instead.

Jeff Welgan, our investor-friendly lender expert, is back to show us what we’ve been missing. From DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loans that help you scale to more doors, to no-income-necessary investor loans that don’t look at your income, to business bank statement loans that’ll let you buy homes based on your business’s cash flow, these mortgages can help anyone in any position, purchase real estate faster.

If your DTI (debt-to-income) ratio is too high and you’re struggling to qualify for another mortgage, this is THE episode for you. We’ll discuss using your property’s rent to qualify for more, loans that get around DTI requirements, using your business to fund your deals, and the mortgages you should look into FIRST before you move on to more complex loan products. Stick around if you’re ready to scale faster!

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In This Episode We Cover

Why you cannot overlook rehabbing older homes and outdated properties

The two things that tell Lisa an older home ISN’T worth investing in 

Why termites, foundation problems, and outdated electrical systems aren’t as bad as you think

The huge mistake Lisa made that ruined a $100K+ rehab project and how to avoid the same fate

Tenant retention 101 and best ways to ensure your vacancy rate is low and your cash flow is high

DealMachine’s five ways to find motivated sellers in any market

And So Much More!

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Real Estate Podcast 939 – BiggerNews: 100% Financing for First-Time Home Buyers is HERE w/Jeff Welgan

What Is Debt to Income Ratio? (DTI)

DSCR Loans: What Are They And How To Get The Best Terms

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(00:00) Intro

(03:20) What is DTI? 

(07:03) Use Rent to Qualify! 

(09:32) How to Qualify for More 

(13:30) Investment Loans You’ve Never Heard of 

(21:48) No Income to Qualify? 

(26:04) Which Loan to Choose?

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