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941: Seeing Greene: Are Home Warranties Worth It & When to Pay Off Debt vs. Invest?

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Should you pay off debt or invest? Many online financial gurus would tell you in a heartbeat that paying off debt is the number one priority…but is that always true? What if there was a way to pay off debt WHILE investing, so you could lower your liabilities AND build wealth in the background? And what if you could do that even if you were hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt? If this sounds like your situation, this Seeing Greene is for you!

David and Rob are back, answering your real estate questions so YOU can build wealth faster, reach financial freedom, and live the life you love. Our first question comes from a concerned rental property owner wondering why his property management company can’t do something seemingly simple. Then, a nationwide investor asks, “Are home warranties ever worth it?” A medical student with massive student loans asks how to start investing while in debt, and an aspiring investor asks how to turn his inherited rental property into a big portfolio. Will robots cause the downfall of real estate, and when is it the right time to add a bedroom to your rental? All that and more are coming up in this episode! 

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In This Episode We Cover

Should you invest or pay down debt? We have a strategy for doing BOTH!

What to do when your property management company ISN’T doing what you want 

Home warranties 101: an appliance saver or a complete waste of money?

How to turn one rental property into an entire portfolio using HELOCs and cash-out refinances 

Whether or not construction “robots” will cause home prices to plunge 

When (and when NOT) to add bedrooms or extra space to your rental property 

And So Much More!

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