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940: Crucial Questions to Ask an Agent and How to Negotiate Commissions w/James Dainard

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Everyone knows how to find a real estate agent. But an investor-friendly agent—one who will find deals for you, run the numbers, hook you up with contractors, and help you get funding—isn’t the same as your neighborhood agent down the street. These agents have connections that can help skyrocket a new real estate investor’s portfolio and bring them deals that no one else knows about. So, how do you find these diamond-in-the-rough real estate agents? You need to ask THESE questions.

To help you vet your future investor-friendly real estate agent is James Dainard. James is a flipper, wholesaler, broker, investor, and lender in the Seattle, Washington, area. He’s been buying and selling houses for two decades and does more deals in one month than most investors do in years! He’s here to guide any investor through finding an investor-friendly agent, the crucial questions you MUST ask at the start, his number one tip for finding the best agents in an area, and how agents can set themselves apart from the competition.

But that’s not all. With the latest agent commission lawsuits, more buyers are aware that commissions are negotiable. So, whether you’re looking to get a steal on your next deal or want a first-class buying and selling experience, James walks through how you may now be able to negotiate what commission you want to give an agent, depending on what matters most to you. 

In This Episode We Cover

The best place to find a real estate agent (for investors!)

Questions you MUST ask any “investor-friendly” agent BEFORE you use them 

The services that expert-level agents provide that’ll help you build wealth faster

Negotiating agent commissions and how the recent NAR lawsuit could change the agent landscape 

How to make sure that your agent knows what they’re talking about when they bring you deals 

And So Much More!

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