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935: BiggerNews: Investing with High Rates, Stubborn Inflation, & Low Supply w/Kathy Fettke

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Mortgage rates are high, supply is low, and inflation just won’t go away. These market conditions make investing in real estate harder than ever…or so most investors think. The truth? This housing market isn’t all that different from years past, and if you know which moves to make, you can get ahead of all the other investors without them noticing. What do we mean? We’ve got a seasoned investor with over thirty years of rental property experience on the show, ready to share how buying during “high” rates can be a huge advantage.

But that’s not all we’re getting into on this BiggerNews episode. We’ve got questions directly from BiggerPockets listeners that we’re throwing at expert investor Kathy Fettke to see what time-tested advice she’d give. First, a listener wants to know why mortgage rates aren’t falling and how to get into the real estate investing game during a time like this. Then, we discuss how investors can save themselves against inflation. With a spike in part-time work, could the American economy be showing signs of weakness? Finally, we answer the question everyone has on their minds: Is it the darn millennials’ fault for causing these high home prices?

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In This Episode We Cover

Mortgage rates explained and why interest rates are staying so high

Sneaky ways to snag a LOW interest rate in 2024 (Kathy got 4.75%!) 

The best hedge against inflation and how to protect the money you have 

Rising part-time work and whether or not this is a recession warning sign 

Did millennials cause this unaffordable housing market?

And So Much More!

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