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934: How to Pay Less Taxes by Buying Real Estate (1 Write-Off You’re Overlooking) w/Brandon Hall

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With so many real estate tax write-offs, it’s no wonder that CPA Brandon Hall says rental real estate is one of the most tax-advantaged assets on the planet. But, even with so much free-flowing information on how to pay less to Uncle Sam, most real estate investors are missing out on a MASSIVE tax deduction that could be saving them thousands, if not tens of thousands, on their tax bill. What’s the write-off that even our host, Dave Meyer, didn’t know about? Stick around, or walk away from a HUGE tax savings.

Brandon Hall is a real estate investor-focused CPA. He knows the deductions, write-offs, and audit red flags that could be helping or hurting you. Today, he’s walking through whether or not you need a tax professional (a LOT of people DON’T), why you need to start tax planning BEFORE you buy your first property, the biggest real estate tax write-off that most people miss, and why you should WAIT to file your taxes to see if a MASSIVE real estate tax benefit is making a much-awaited comeback. 

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In This Episode We Cover

The big real estate write-off that most investors are completely overlooking 

Why you should WAIT to file your taxes in case this MASSIVE tax benefit returns 

Who should (and definitely shouldn’t) be doing their own taxes 

Scaling your portfolio? Why you MUST start strategically planning your taxes now

The biggest audit red flags that are NOT worth the deduction (watch out for these!)

A bonus depreciation update and how this could save you hundreds of thousands 

And So Much More!

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