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929: Spring Cleaning: Why We’re Selling Off Parts of Our Rental Portfolios

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Why are David and Rob selling off parts of their rental portfolios? It’s a new season, and you know what that means—spring cleaning! And if you’ve got underperforming properties, a real estate business that’s just treading water, or employees who aren’t moving the needle, this is the episode for you. David and Rob are talking about “trimming the fat” of their portfolios and businesses, weeding out the bad expenses, and selling off their problem rental properties. And with spring being the best time to sell, you may want to consider doing the same.

First, we’re going through David and Rob’s real estate businesses—they’re talking about hiring, firing, starting new businesses, and when it’s time to slow INSTEAD of grow. Next, the investing duo takes a hard look at their portfolios, triaging the properties into winners, losers, and the ones that need a little love. If you’ve got a rental property that isn’t pulling in the numbers you want, now may be the time to sell!

But, if you’re going to sell some of your rentals, how do you use that money to keep building wealth? We’ll get into exactly what David and Rob are doing with the money from their problem rental properties and how they’re using it to multiply their cash flow even more. Don’t leave your portfolio collecting dust—you’ve got some spring cleaning to do!

In This Episode We Cover

When it’s time to sell your rental properties (and how to know they’re underperforming)

Why you should NOT start a new business until you evaluate THIS 

Hiring, firing, and how to know it’s time to cut back your business expenses 

The real reason you need to visit your properties more often (Rob’s BIG mistake)

Return on equity (ROE) and why you need to keep track of this crucial metric

David’s potential move and why he may be leaving the Golden State behind 

And So Much More!

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